Swanny Says …

At the recent game at home to Medda I took a wee meander from behind the dugout to the
canteen, a Bovril on a bitterly cold day was most welcome.

During the short walk I stopped to have a quick chat with ex-players George Wall, Stephen Quigg, Creag Little and Gary Fleming. Isn’t it great that we have these players still turning up and paying their money to support Theesel, although when I met Creag’s Dad Kenny he seemed to suggest that he’d paid for his boys’ ticket!

George very kindly nominated me for ‘Fan of the Week’ but I narrowly lost out to Evie the dug, she looked very smart with her gold and black collar and was a deserved winner. Poochon 1 Swanny 0. If you see a 6-foot bald guy dressed as a dog next time you’re at Barrfields please vote for me.
Sometimes we should take a few minutes to think about the people who do such marvellous work behind the scenes and don’t look for recognition, they could be ‘Fan of the Week’ on a regular basis. On the Friday before that game Jim Lamont and Jim McDonald turned up with brushes and snow shovels to ensure the pitch was playable following heavy snow. Well done guys.
Another supporter who has done plenty of work over the years is our Honorary Vice-President Campbell Crawford. I had a blether with Campbell at a recent game and reminded him of the period when it cost extra to be in the seated enclosure (The Shed). We couldn’t remember if it was an extra 20p or 50p but Campbell would be holding a bucket at the entrance waiting for the extra coins, I
think late 80’s / early 90’s? At that time the entrances were at the rear, there used to be huge corrugated metal doors which were slid open on the morning of the game.

They’re long gone but that’s why there are large open spaces at the back of The Shed. The gable opening didn’t exist at that time, I can’t remember when that was introduced. Can anyone ‘shed’ some light?
I’ve had a few adventures in The Shed, ‘Sweetiegate’ being one memory. I was accused with others of pelting Linlithgow Rose supporters with coins after they scored in a Scottish Cup tie twenty or so years ago. Arguments went on, a punch was thrown and a mini pitch invasion ensued. In reality, a sweetie had been launched from a group of young Largs supporters who shall remain nameless and it bounced aff the heid of a particularly mouthy Rose supporter. Good aim!

Unfortunately I’ll miss today’s game, in a moment of weakness I agreed to go to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The Musical. Charlie Bucket, is that a new nickname for Campbell Crawford?

Anyway, I’d much rather be impersonating Augustus Gloop and guzzling Theesel pies from the canteen, hopefully Arnie and the team can continue their excellent form and make it 5 wins in a row.