Last Man Standing

The Current Competition will be a Role Over.

The Competition Is Now LIVE With Prize Money of £850 !!



Played using the EPL fixtures.

Participating player pays £10 per entry & picks a team from the first week’s round of fixtures. If their team wins then they proceed to the second week. If not and they draw or lose then they are out.
You can only pick a team once eg . if you picked Liverpool and they win then you cannot pick them again in this competition.

The competition progresses until there is only one person left ie LAST MAN STANDING!
Prize pot will be 50% of the total collected and will be announced before the first round commences.
At start of the competition anyone who wants to re-enter can do so by paying £10.

In the event of a tie or should all remaining players exit in the same week then there will be a rollover.

Existing competitors, if they wish to re-enter, can do so by paying £10
If any new entrants wish to join following a roll-over – then they can do so by paying £10.

There will be only one rollover and if again at the end should participants all exit in the same week then the pot will be divided evenly amongst the last ones standing.

All entries must be texted , emailed or Whatsapped and monies paid before the first game commences. If not paid then entry will be ignored. If you fail to submit your weekly entry by the deadline then your selection will be made based on the team occupying the lowest league position at that time.

An update will be provided weekly (via Facebook , Twitter and email / Whatsapp) showing initially who has entered , then exited and remains in the competition weekly.

Payment can be made by –

1. Cash

2. Bank transfer to Largs Thistle FC , Royal Bank of Scotland , Sort code 832415 , account number 00239370

3. Paypal –

To enter please complete the form HERE
Or contact the Organiser – Ali McMaster  on 07775578795….text or Whatsapp preferable.
Or email at

Good Luck !
& Thanks for Supporting the Club