Largs Thistle v Greenock


Largs Thistle v Greenock

Largs scored twice to win their first pre-season friendly of 2023-24.

Cory Hughes pounced and fired a loose ball into the Greenock net after 16 minutes. Largs dominated but could not add to their lead in the first-half.

Lewis Davidson struck a well-placed free-kick in 78 minutes to seal the win. Largs gave trialists a game and each performed well.

Largs team:

Wilton, McMaster, Trialist 3, Tennent, Hughes, Trialist 6, McLeod, McBryde, Sewell, Lapsley, Martin.


Faulds, Davidson, McGrath, Devine, McCreath, Trialist 18, Trialist 19, Trialist 20, Trialist 21.


Cory Hughes in 16 minutes. Lewis Davidson in 78.



2 - 0
Full Time


Date Time League Season Match Day Full Time
5 July 2023 19:15 Friendly 2023-24 Wednesday 90'